Did you ever have an awkward moment of a friend being in a good shape but having exactly the same lunch as you are? You feel so weird and wonder why or even get a little upset then try to prevent eating ice cream for that night. You’ve given up figuring out why by concluding “we’re different”? If so, it is such a waste when you have a chance to steal your friend’s diet tips! Stop and think of the differences there are between you and her or him. Be a little sneaky and let’s list up the possibilities there may be. Please add if you’ve found new reasons of “the differences”, leave your comment below this article to support everyone.


  • She is always having salad for lunch when I’m having big lunch next to her
  • she/he only eats with friends – might have eating problem or just on a super strict diet
  • all her family are in a good shape – genetic or maintaining well
  • she eats Asian at home cooked by her mom
  • we has different food habits

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